Writing a letter to a judge for a loved one

Free Book Tells You the Secrets of Finding the Right Attorney for Your CaseRequest Information If you have a loved one who is facing a sentencing hearingdo not be surprised if his or her attorney asks that you help out for purposes of that sentencing. If the attorney does not aske you to testify for your loved one, it is likely that the attorney will ask you to write a support letter on their behalf. Remember that the purpose of a support letter is to tell the judge why your loved one is not just another number — to humanize him or her. Because judges often have many cases every day and a lot of information to absorb, also remember that your letter should not be a novel.

Writing a letter to a judge for a loved one

Writing a letter to a judge presiding over a case involving a loved one can show your support for her release or a lighter sentence.

writing a letter to a judge for a loved one

The letter can provide the judge with insight into the person's past, her general character and values, and how she'd be, or was, an asset to the community. A certain etiquette should be followed when writing this kind of letter.

writing a letter to a judge for a loved one

Open a new document in your computer's word processing program. Type the current date in the left top corner. Double-space and type your name and address with no space in between.

Double space, then type the name and address of the judge.

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Dear Honorable Joe Smith: Double-space after addressing the judge. Type the body of the letter. Include the hearing date. Double-space and begin a second paragraph; do not tab. Begin the second paragraph with details of the offender's character, morals, values and achievements; specify what you believe she could contribute to the community were the judge to, for example, release her on probation.

Thank the judge for his time and consideration in a single sentence after the body of the letter. Double-space and place an appropriate closing, such as "With Kind Regards" or "Sincerely"; follow with a comma. Hit enter two or three times and type your full name; leave enough space between the closing and your typed name for your signature.

Check for margin errors. Check that all of your text, from the date at the top left of the letter to the signature, is aligned at the left margin. Run a spelling and grammar check. Then, print the letter and scan for words that may be spelled correctly but used incorrectly, such as "its" and "it's" and "your" and "you're.

Use a ballpoint pen and sign your name between the closing and your typed name; black or blue ink is the only acceptable color to use. Fold the letter into three sections. Place in a legal-sized-letter envelope and seal.

Turn the envelope to the front side and write the return address in the top left corner. Address the letter to the judge in the front center of the envelope; use the same address as the one in the letter. Place a postage stamp in the top right corner. Mail the letter from the post office; get a tracking number so you can be sure that the letter was received.

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