Write an essay on merit and demerit of peer groups

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Write an essay on merit and demerit of peer groups

Tougher than recruiting programmers, designers, venture capital, is recruiting a peer group when the overwhelming majority of your peers live within pre-existing communities college.

As someone who is under, the toughness is compounded when you live in a social space designed for age 21 and above. The experience of moving alone to a new region of the country, while working in a small team that stares at computer screens all day, and generally not having many social outlets, is about as sub-optimal as it gets for my personality.

Friendships of utility are those where people are on cordial terms primarily because each person benefits from the other in some way. Business partnerships, relationships among co-workers, and classmate connections are examples. Passionate love affairs, people associating with each other due to belonging to the same hobby organization, and fishing buddies fall into this category.

Most important of all are friendships of the good. The first two types of friendship are relatively fragile. When the purpose for which the relationship is formed somehow changes, then these friendships tend to end. For instance, if the business partnership is dissolved, or if you take another job, or graduate from school, it is more than likely that no ties will be maintained with the former friend of utility.

Likewise, once the love affair cools, or you take up a new hobby or give up fishing, the friends of pleasure will go their own ways. To have more than a handful of such friends of the good, Aristotle states, is indeed a fortunate thing.

Rare indeed are such friendships, for people of this kind are rare.

write an essay on merit and demerit of peer groups

And yet, for us living in the frenetic 21st Century, it can be difficult to maintain such ties. Friendships of utility and pleasure come and go quickly as we move from job to job and relationship to relationship.

But for Aristotle this need not be a tragedy. But to lose a friend of the good — ah, there is tragedy indeed. The fellowship has been overwhelmingly advantageous for friendships of utility. I stand a lot to gain as a Thiel Fellow, and many of the people who help me with Glider will likely gain quite a bit as well.

But remember, these are short lasted because they change quickly with circumstances. Briefly connecting with a lawyer or CEO for advice falls under this category. I also saw myself developing friendships of utility with some of my professors and classmates at Wake Forest.

These types of relationships were especially strong in college. Friendships of good will always be challenging to find in any social setting. Fortunately rowing has been a sport where I have developed these relationships in the past, and I carry those relationships from high school.

However, without rowing or another organization, finding these relationships has been very difficult.

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The honest truth is that I spend very little intimate time with the fellows and I believe there may be a lot to gain if we had more informal activity. The Good and the Bad I would like to highlight one particular instance when my peer groups aligned nearly perfectly.

I was able to develop a few relationships of good mainly through Y Combinator friends and the Thiel Fellows over the course of one weekend through deep experiences. It was a weekend when the majority of my friendships of good happened by chance to all be in NYC at the same time. A combination of intellectual curiosity, mutual respect, shared ambition, disregard of formal credentials, and an environment which all of us could confide in each other.

It was like an elixir. As everyone departed for the weekend, one of my friends sent me a text: More so than I can describe in words.This past month I have been thinking a lot about the peer groups in my life.

By peer groups, I mean the primary groups of people with whom I spend time. Peer-to-Peer education is a form of learning in which one person learns from another person, without one having to be a "teacher", and the other one being a "student".

The word is related to peer-to-peer technologies in internet, like downloading music p2p, from one computer to another. Peer groups are healthy when they exert a positive influence, disastrous when rejection or negative pressure is involved.

Whether you are a soccer mom driving the latest SUV or a teen boy trying to choose the right clothes to fit in, peer influences play an important role in shaping who we become.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Peer Group. With reference to academic work on groups and teams provide a review of words which outlines the advantages and disadvantages of working in a group The aim of this essay is to show how group work can be very useful with many benefits; however, it does have downfalls which can prove individual work to be more satisfying.

On merit and nine empirical philosophy: peer groups can take important advantages of online peer pressure is a lot or a separate piece of the essay help increase the other disaggregated groups in proving points, single peer assessment advantages and demerit of student is expected to physically attend meetings, strategy calls for involving the.

Merit and Demerit of Peer Group Essay on Peer Groups Peer groups are an Gap: many articles write about the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting, though there are contradictions between them, in this paper is tried to give views from different angles, in order to create a better overview is the advantages and disadvantages.

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