Understanding nutrition midterm quiz answer

If a link is not working to follow the steps on the FAQ page. Science is the collection of observations made about the world. When something is being observed, there are basic assumptions being made. If your basic assumption is that the oceans have a Creator you would draw different conclusions than those who assume no creator.

Understanding nutrition midterm quiz answer

Understanding nutrition midterm quiz answer

Briefly summarize two criteria on which disease classifications are based. Discuss a reason why these two criteria do not always correspond with one another. List two examples of each of the two types of criteria you mentioned in 1A.

Which of the following best compares and contrasts these nested case control studies and case-cohort studies. Both nested case control and case-cohort studies select controls from the entire baseline cohort, but in case-cohort studies the selection is done at random.

In case-cohort studies a single group of controls can be used for comparison with several case groups. In nested case control studies, cases are selected entirely from the non-exposed cohort group.

Describe two conditions that could cause this outcome assume the definition of a bicycle injury and the quality of the data remain constant over the 10 year period 3 pts Which of the following best describes the condition s that are required for the odds ratio OR to estimate the risk ratio RR in a case-control study.

The controls represent the base population that gave rise to the cases. The disease outcome is rare in the base population at risk. All of the above.

Understanding nutrition midterm quiz answer

The association Understanding nutrition midterm quiz answer induced abortion and breast cancer has been the subject of previous epidemiological studies.

Cohort studies have found no association, while at least one case-control study has found a positive association. Possible explanations for the different results in case-control and cohort studies of this topic include choose single best answer.

Recall bias might explain the association observed in a case-control study, but this would not be a problem in prospective cohort studies. The method of disease classification is different in case-control and cohort studies. To measure the association between occupational exposure to acrylonitrile and several outcomes, the investigators calculated standardized mortality ratios SMRs for both the exposed and the unexposed workers.

Age-interval-specific person-years were generated for specific exposure groups and were multiplied by the mortality rates for the total male population of the Netherlands to generate expected numbers of cause specific deaths.

What study design did the investigators use? What are two reasons why this measure is problematic with these data? Why are these two SMRs not strictly comparable? What measure of effect could be calculated to strictly compare all-cause mortality between the exposed and the unexposed group.

The degree that we correctly separate cases of disease from non cases can be quantified in terms of specificity and sensitivity.

The issue of correct classification is important in research involving cerebrovascular disease stroke. Generally speaking there are two kinds of strokes, ischemic blood flow is restricted to brain tissue because of blocked artery in or leading to the brain and he morrhagic a vessel in the brain ruptures causing bleeding in the brain.

These two pathologic processes are quite different. A panel of experts reviewed the medical records of patients discharged from the hospital with diagnosis codes indicative of a stroke ICD The panel classified strokes as either ischemic or not ischemic. Assume the diagnos is reached by the panel is the most accurate classification possible.

Of the cases, had a discharge diagnosis code for ischemic stroke ICD code Of these patients, 85 were determined by the panel not to be ischemic strokes.

All but 20 o f the patients with discharge diagnosis codes other than were determined by the panel to have non-ischemic strokes. Given the background information, compute the sensitivity, specificity, and positive predictive value of a hospital discharge code for ischemic stroke ICD code in classifying a patient as truly having an ischemic stroke.

Briefly explain what a ROC curve is and what information it provides. The case group would be highly heterogeneous with respect to pathophysiology of stroke. The case group would have many false negative ischemic strokes. The case group would represent the source population of cases.

What two factors influence the positive predictive value of a screening test in most situations? The researchers were impressed with studies that suggest that the use of cell phones and pagers contribute to auto collisions.

They wanted to adjust standardize the rates of auto collisions in the two cities for cell phone and pager use. Data on cell phone use and auto collisions in the two cities were collected and are presented in the table below.

Cell phone and pager use Corona del Mar, California.Find out your long-term care options in this WebMD quiz. Skip to main content. Understanding Medicare. Quiz: The Facts About Long-Term Care. 0 0. Test Bank is a collection of every question and answer your Instructor could possibly use when creating an exam or a quiz for your course.

Test Banks usually contain true and false questions, essay questions, multiple choice questions, short answer questions and matching questions.

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midterm exams and final exams. Other terms for the Test. Full Term courses have four important dates: 1) a start date, 2) a midterm completion date, 3) a final completion date, and 4) a course completion date.

Please note that all module prior to the thorough understanding of concepts learned from text and accompanying material. After you have finished the quiz, which will be graded. Demonstrate understanding of health principles from a wide variety of aspects from quiz is not graded.

The midterm is due on Wednesday, April 2, and the final is due on Wednesday, June 4, be given in three parts. Two of the parts are entirely multiple choice questions, and the last part will be in short answer format. Learn understanding nutrition with free interactive flashcards.

Choose from different sets of understanding nutrition flashcards on Quizlet. ´╗┐Nutrition quiz & tests questions and answers: Syllabus quiz: The online interactive discussion activities are very important because the points earned are worth 15% of your final grade. True The graded work under "quizzes" are timed and based on real-time, not logged in time.

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