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Touch the energy systems

Ions Can Do Strange Things To You Researchers believe that our moods, energy and health can be markedly improved through control of the electrical charges in the air we breathe.

Hansell who, instumbled upon the behavioral effects of artificially generated air ions. He noticed a startling swing in the moods of a fellow RCA scientist who worked beside an electrostatic generator. Some days the scientist finished work alert and in bubbling good spirits.

On other days he was rude, ill-tempered, depressed. Hansell investigated and found that the scientist was happy when the ion generator was adjusted to produce negative ions, morose when it was producing positive ions.

A few months later, reports of ionization research in Europe confirmed the strange experience. A few years ago atmospheric ions became suddenly important to military, researchers in environmental medicine.

Touch the energy systems

How would they affect men locked in submarines? What were the possibilities of ions therapy? Research programs multiplied, with fantastic results. One sweltering day in Philadelphia a man sat before a small metal box resting atop a hospital file cabinet. It was plugged into an ordinary wall socket.

A doctor flipped a switch. Inside the box a small fan whirred; the box hummed distantly, like a high-tension wire, and gave off a faint, sweetish odor.

Soon the man felt alert, magical, refreshed, as though he had been taking deep gulps of sparkling October air. The doctor turned the machine off, switched on another that looked just like it. The air grew quickly stale.

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The man's head felt stuffy. His head began to ache. He felt vaguely depressed and tired. With this simple experiment, the scientist, Dr. Kornblueh, of the American institute of Medical Climatology, demonstrated the effect that atmospheric ions can have on human beings.

The first machine generated negative ions; the second positive ions. The air around us is filled with these electrically charged particles. They are generated in invisible billions by cosmic rays, radioactive elements in the soil, ultraviolet radiation, storms, waterfall, winds, the friction of blowing sand or dust.

Every time we draw a breath they fill our lungs and are carried by the blood to our body cells. They appear to have a lot to do with such varied things as our moods, why cattle grow skittish before a storm, why rheumatic joints "tingle" when the barometer falls, and how ants know in advance that it's going to rain, in time to block their tunnels.

Falling barometric pressure and hot, dry, seasonal winds, such as the Alpine Fohn and the Rocky Mountain Chinook, for example, pack the air with an excess of positive ions.

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Touch the energy systems

Welcome to InTouch Controls Systems. InTouch Control Systems located in Cork and Dublin specialises in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) in the commercial, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors. Touch for Health uses the muscle test as a biofeedback tool to assess the state of energy in the acupuncture meridian system and provides a variety of techniques for balancing this energy for reducing pain and stress while enhancing balance and wellness.

Create interactive and immersive touchscreen experiences with systems and displays engineered for commercial applications and backed by advanced touch technology that's ultra-fast, reliable and responsive.

3M offers a wide range of standard and customizable single-touch and multi-touch systems . Healing Touch is one of the most accepted and widespread energy-healing modalities in the world.

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With more than a hundred hospitals in the US and Canada using energy medicine as part of their regular care, the number of people who have learned Healing Touch has surpassed ,, and several thousand have become certified practitioners.

Touch is a high intensity sport which relies heavily on the three energy systems, the ATP-PC energy system, the lactic acid energy system and the Aerobic energy system. The ATP-PC energy system gives athletes a quick but strong burst of energy which lasts approximately 10 seconds before the lactic acid energy system takes over.

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