The paradox of fear in cinema

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The paradox of fear in cinema

The paradox of fear in cinema

Subjects Description Why can fear be pleasurable? Why do we sometimes enjoy an emotion we otherwise desperately wish to avoid?

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And why are the movies the predominant place for this paradoxical experience? His descriptions of how the five types of fear differ according to their bodily, temporal and social experience inside the auditorium entail a forceful plea for relying more strongly on phenomenology in the study of cinematic emotions.

In so doing, this book opens up new ways of dealing with these emotions. Hanich argues that the strong affective, temporal, and social experiences of frightening movies can be particularly pleasurable precisely because they help to counterbalance these ambivalent changes of modernity.

The paradox of fear in cinema

Reviews "There are several elements of this book that are appealing. First, it is clearly and engagingly written […]. Second, the author is eclectic in his resources, drawing from scholarship in both German and English, from phenomenology, cognitive film theory, and cultural studies.

The argument is well-founded and developed in a highly readable fashion throughout the book. It raises many interesting questions. Hence this study could soon become a standard reference for the study of horror films and thrillers.

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Chicago, IL. Apr 12,  · I’ve been thinking a lot about this paradox, and I could not get my friend’s question out of my head.

I wondered whether I’m wired differently. Paradox: look can be pleasurable in its form but threatening in its content – woman is an active threat of castration is “crystallization” of this (desire born of language and can transcend instinct (scopophilia) and libido (identification), but returns to traumatic source, to the fear of castration).

Hanich looks at fear at the movies – its aesthetics, its experience and its pleasures--in this thought-provoking study. Looking at over different films including Seven, Rosemary's Baby, and Silence of the Lambs, Hanich attempts to answer the paradox of why we enjoy films that thrill us, that scare us, that threaten us, that shock us –affects that we otherwise desperately wish to avoid.

A Distillation Laura Mulvey’s “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” | Fear, Anxiety, and Paranoia