Socio psychological study of personality essay

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Socio psychological study of personality essay

Personality theory is rich in complexity and variety. The classical approaches to personality theory are: How does one use personality to come to understand a person?

Can personality theory be used to predict what a person will do? How do we come to even know what a personality is? Researchers have developed theories describing what contributes to the personality, yet many of the theorists disagree with each other.

To discuss theories of personality, one must first consider what the words, personality and theory, mean. A theory is generally a model created to describe, explain, understand, or predict and some say to control a phenomenon or concept of life.

The concept of personality is abstract and refers to how the habits, thought processes, motivations, defense mechanisms, and emotional states are woven together to form a view of a person. So, in a simplistic sense, theories of personality are models created to help describe, understand, predict, or control the habits, thought processes, motivations, coping mechanisms, and emotional states of a person.

Socio psychological study of personality essay

Some personality theorists take an ideographic approach; meaning they attempt to delineate differences in people by trying to establish what is unique or different to a specific person. Other theorists take a nomothetic approach; meaning they try to identify commonalities in individuals and then measure how much or how little each person possesses of the common characteristics.

A change in approach will often add to the depth of knowledge regarding a theory - or it can work to refute the conclusions that have been drawn about that theory. The cycle of theory building necessitates the use of experimentation to create support for hypotheses.

Hence, specific types of therapies and research methods have been tied to the various theories. This is why many people will refer to theories of personality as the primary architectonic of all psychology topics.

The various approaches to studying the personality were lead by psychologists who are familiar names to students of psychology and counseling.

One of the best known of all personality theorists was Sigmund Freud. He and his followers believed the secrets to personality could only be unlocked by an awareness of consciousness brought about by psychoanalysis. Gordon Allport developed the trait approach: He believed a personality is comprised of dispositions and behaviors that may be inborn, conveyed by society, or developed by circumstance.

For Allport and his followers personality is based partly on who one is, partly on with whom one lives, and partly on which needs are being met. Watson, theorized personality could best be described through rational, scientific observation of actual, observed behaviors.

Albert Bandura started out as a behaviorist, but set the foundations for theories of social cognition when he noted that personality tends to be an interactive construct: The Psychoanalytic Sigmund Freud "Who I am is determined by the interaction of my id, ego, and superego.

Only through guided introspections will I be capable of really getting in touch with who I am. He developed a well known structural model to describe how people mediate their internal conflicts arising from their desire for an object and their concomitant need to do the right thing.

He explained how a healthy super ego works like a parent; balancing the needs of a person's drive to pursue events which give pleasure i.The development of language comes naturally for most people; as they grow from an infant to a child.

Noam Chomsky believes that languages are genetically pre-programmed by a language acquisition device in the brain. This free Psychology essay on Essay: Personality Theory and Assessment is perfect for Psychology students to use as an example.

Sep 25,  · This research is possible to study level influence of psychological and Socio culture factors to implement the share market, based on gender, education, ethnic group, designation, monthly income level, and investors’ behavior of particular people who are living in Batticalo district.

socio-psychological study of personality by arinzechukwu princess uzochukwu group: v.n. karazin kharkiv national university (school of medicine). Psych: Psychology and Socio Cultural Approach Essay; Psych: Psychology and Socio Cultural Approach Essay.

Submitted By ananodekanoidze. Words: Pages: 2. Open Document. He was born in and he died in and he is seen as a pioneer in the area of personality psychology.

Some see him as creating this area of study. Lastly, Siebel expanded on socio-psychological views on divorce that were only briefly mentioned in the original text. This discussion gives a worthy counter-opinion to the older notion that only attachment bonds have an effect on divorce.

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A psychological study of the strange situation. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Home to Personality Papers.

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