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Timeline of Pietermaritzburg The city was founded by the Voortrekkersfollowing the defeat of Dingane at the Battle of Blood Riverand was the capital of the short-lived Boer republicNatalia. InNatal received responsibility for their own government and an assembly building was built along with the city hall. Despite Gandhi having a first-class ticket, he was ordered by the conductor to move to the van compartment at the end of the train: Shivering through the winter night in the waiting room of the stationGandhi made the momentous decision to stay on in South Africa and fight the racial discrimination against Indians there.

Pietermaritzburg newspaper online

History[ edit ] Tabloid products: A item in London's Westminster Gazette noted, "The proprietor intends to give in tabloid form all the news printed by other journals. The term preceded the reference to smaller sheet newspapers that contained the condensed stories.

Approximate nominal dimensions are in millimetres. Types[ edit ] Tabloid newspapers, especially in the United Kingdomvary widely in their target market, political alignment, editorial style, and circulation. Thus, various terms have been coined to describe the subtypes of this versatile paper format.

There are, broadly, two main types of tabloid newspaper: The distinction is largely of editorial style; both red top and compact tabloids span the width of the political spectrum from socialism to capitalist conservatismalthough red-top tabloids, on account of their historically working-class target market, generally embrace populism to some degree.

Red top tabloids are so named due to their tendency, in British and Commonwealth usage, to have their mastheads printed in red ink; the term compact was coined to avoid the connotation of the word tabloid, which implies a red top tabloid, and has lent its name to tabloid journalismwhich is journalism after the fashion of red top reporters.

Red top tabloids[ edit ] See also: Red tops Red top tabloids, named after their distinguishing red mastheads, employ a form of writing known as tabloid journalism ; this style emphasizes features such as sensational crime stories, astrology, gossip columns about the personal lives of celebrities and sports stars, and junk food news.

Celebrity gossip columns which appear in red top tabloids and focus on their sexual practicesmisuse of narcoticsand the private aspects of their lives often border on, and sometimes cross the line of defamation.

Red tops tend to be written with a simplistic, straightforward vocabulary and grammar; their layout usually gives greater prominence to the picture than to the word.


The writing style of red top tabloids is often accused of sensationalism ; red tops have been accused of deliberately igniting controversy and selectively reporting on attention-grabbing stories, or those with shock value. In the extreme case, red top tabloids have been accused of lying or misrepresenting the truth to increase circulation.

In contrast to red top tabloids, compacts use an editorial style more closely associated with broadsheet newspapers. In fact, most compact tabloids formerly used the broadsheet paper size, but changed to accommodate reading in tight spaces, such as on a crowded commuter bus or train.

The term compact was coined in the s by the Daily Mailone of the earlier newspapers to make the change, although it now once again calls itself a tabloid.

The early converts from broadsheet format made the change in the s; two British papers that took this step at the time were the Daily Mail and the Daily Express.

On the other hand, The Morning Star had always used the tabloid size, but stands in contrast to both the red top papers and the former broadsheets; although The Morning Star emphasises hard newsit embraces socialism and is circulated mostly among blue-collar labourers.

Compact tabloids, just like broadsheet - and Berliner -format newspapers, span the political spectrum from progressive to conservative and from capitalist to socialist. Despite the format proving to be popular with its readers, the newspaper remains broadsheet on weekdays. The Daily Sunpublished by Naspershas since become South Africa's biggest-selling daily newspaper and is aimed primarily at the black working class.

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It is also published as the Sunday Sun. Asia[ edit ] In Bangladesh, The Daily Manabzamin became the first and is now the largest circulated Bengali language tabloid in the world, in The Daily Manabzamin is led by Editor-in-Chief Matiur Rahman Chowdhury, who is also the regional correspondent for Voice of America and political talkshow host in Bengali television stations Banglavision and Channel i.

Pietermaritzburg newspaper online

The newspaper receives visitors from countries, and hostsunique IP visitors, every month. In the People's Republic of ChinaChinese tabloids have exploded in popularity since the mids and have tested the limits of press censorship[ citation needed ] by taking editorial positions critical of the government and by engaging in critical investigative reporting.

Other Georgian-language newspapers have tested compact formats in the early s. Tabloid journalism is still an evolving concept in India's print media. Blitz was first published in English and then branched out with Hindi, Marathi and Urdu versions. InRussi's daughter Rita founded the Cine Blitz magazine.

InTimes of India brought out a dedicated Mumbai tabloid newspaper Mumbai Mirror which gives prominence to Mumbai-related stories and issues. Tehelka started off as a news portal in It broke the story about match-fixing in Indian and International Cricket and the sting operation on defence deals in the Indian Army.

Init closed shop and reappeared in tabloid form, and has been appreciated for its brand of investigative journalism.World-Newspapers > Africa > South Africa. National South African Newspapers. Business Day South Africa's major business and financial daily.

Pietermaritzburg newspaper online

Business Report Daily newspaper providing comprehensive business and market news. In a Witness report yesterday, Community Forum chairperson Milton Ncolosi bemoaned the fact that Alexandra Park, once “the talk of the town”, is now a “criminal hub”.

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Formerly the Edgewood College of Education before its incorporation in , the Edgewood campus in Pinetown is the University’s primary site for teacher education and the .

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