Photography light and colour

Objectives[ edit ] Photograph showing weather and distant mountains, Armenia Landscape photography is done for a variety of reasons.

Photography light and colour

A tripod is my most valuable photo accessory. In fact, I view it as an essential item, and not an accessory. But sometimes using one is just not practical. Sometimes you get caught without it unexpectedly, and sometimes they even break. While shooting in the Valley of Fire, Nevada, I broke my tripod.

Of course, there was a spectacular sunset that night. However, if your lens has image stabilization, the shutter value can be two or three stops slower than this. This leeway makes a big difference in low light situations. Use proper camera holding techniques In low light photography, learning the proper stance and camera holding technique can give you even more leeway when it comes to preventing camera shake.

With your right hand on the shutter button, hold the lens with your left hand, to steady it. Tuck your elbows tightly into your chest and control your breathing, shooting after you exhale whenever possible.

All these things will contribute to your own stillness, minimizing handshake blur. In Las Vegas, I wanted to make an image with a fairly long shutter speed to blur the motion of the cars. However, I was standing on a bridge that had a chain link fence, and it was also a narrow pedestrian bridge with lots of pedestrians.

Using a tripod was not practical. Instead using ISO and proper camera holding techniques allowed me to hold it steady for half a second. The higher the ISO the more sensitive the sensor is to light, therefore the less light is needed to make a good exposure.

Noise is a grainy look as opposed to a smooth look. Some noise is okay and it can often be removed in post processing. When photographing in low light, turn your ISO up as high as you can before the image quality gets too noisy.

This setting is different on every camera and an acceptable amount of noise is different for every photographer. I recommend that you do an exercise so you know the maximum ISO for your camera, that results in a noise level you think is acceptable.

Photographing Canada Geese flying overhead at twilight meant that I needed a relatively fast shutter speed to stop the motion. Therefore, I had to use a high ISO and a wide aperture to enable the faster shutter speed. Noise is not necessarily a bad thing and can be used for creative purposes.

If you are using a very high ISO, try shooting in black and white — it removes the colour from the noise and instead gives your photos an old-school grainy look. Further reading on low-light photography:Understanding Color & Light.

Light is the single basic ingredient required to create photographs. Without light, pictures don’t exist. Digital photography is the process of transferring light energy, carried by photons, into digital information, which can be processed and displayed by computers and cameras in the form of digital images.

Photography light and colour

Colour & Light in Watercolour (How to Paint) [Jean Haines] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A stunningly beautiful book that teaches you how to produce loose and expressive paintings, filled with colour and light.

Coastal California: Eastern Sierra: Galen’s Classics: Other Wild Places: Latin America: Yosemite: The Far North: Africa: Pakistan: Wildlife: Antarctic: The West. There are a lot of theories and ideas about how color affects mood, composition and therefore photographs, but for at the most basic level, color can be separated into .

Improve Your Exposure Reduce Camera Shake Create Digital Panoramas Learn Sharpening Techniques Utilize Natural Light.

Photography light and colour

The majority of black-and-white infrared art, landscape, and wedding photography is done using orange (15 or 21), red (23, 25, or 29) or visually opaque (72) filters over the lens to block the blue visible light from the exposure.

The intent of filters in black-and-white infrared photography is to block blue wavelengths and allow infrared to pass through.

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