Personal learning plan to becoming a nurse practitioner

Attending nursing school has given me high aspirations to continue my education, which will allow me to not only have personal growth, but professional growth as well. After graduating high school, I was accepted in an Associate Degree Nursing program at the local community college. Throughout this nursing program, my clinical hours were spent in various healthcare settings such as: Last spring was by far the greatest semester, where I had the great opportunity of doing my clinical hours on a labor and delivery unit and a postpartum unit.

Personal learning plan to becoming a nurse practitioner

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A completed application Official transcripts from all universities or colleges and other post-secondary educational institutions including trade schools attended Two professional letters of recommendation from either previous or immediate supervisors or former nursing faculty members who can attest to your clinical knowledge, skill and potential aptitude for graduate study References will not be accepted from colleagues or family members Personal statement to 1, words that will give the admissions committee a better understanding of: Tuition rates are subject to increase with the start of each academic year in the fall term.

All students must contact applyDUonline drexel. Special rates cannot be combined. If you qualify for more than one special rate, you'll be given the one with the largest savings.

Personal learning plan to becoming a nurse practitioner

When receiving special tuition plans with Drexel University Online, you may not combine them with other tuition benefits that may be available from Drexel University.There is a great deal of education and training in becoming a nurse practitioner.

Generally, those interested in this career will start by completing a four-year program in nursing that combines theoretical learning with hands-on application. How to Find Mentoring Opportunities There’s an abundance of websites that provide more information on nursing mentorship programs.

Visit the websites below to start your journey toward mentorship, or ask your facility’s head nurse or other human resources personnel about . Captain Arnold is a professional Captain licensed by the U.S.

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Coast Guard for more than 37 years. He is an Interfaith Chaplain, ordained through the Esoteric Theological Seminary, the Educational Institution of the Esotericl Interfaith Church. Personal Goal For Nurse Practitioner. Personal Goals DeAndra Fennell HCS/ Undergraduate Nursing Studies January 10, Delores Martinez Every since I was a little girl I dream of becoming a Nurse.

 Personal Development Plan Karin Veleba BSN.

Registered nurses (RNs) represent one of the most highly educated professional groups. They are self-regulated health professionals who are accountable to the Standards of Practice and nursing values outlined in the Code of Ethics. I must confess that I have always had a passion for helping my clients, managing health care plans, learning new things and a curiosity for investigating medical conditions.

As a child, my dream of becoming effective health care provider is still alive up to these days and I am determined to pursue this dream by putting my plans into a reality.

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