Measuring media effectiveness in bangladesh

BusinessMarketing Topic: Assignment Executive Summary Measuring effectiveness of the promotional program, Cost Perhaps the most commonly cited reason for not testing particularly among smaller firms is the expense. Good research can be expensive, in terms of both time and money. A second reason cited for not measuring effectiveness is that it is difficult to isolate the effects of promotional elements.

Measuring media effectiveness in bangladesh

Measuring the effectiveness of the promotional program is a critical element in the promotional planning process. It is a necessary ingredient to a continuing planning process, yet it is often not carried out. We discuss some reasons firms should measure the effectiveness of their IMC programs, as well as why many decide not to.

We also examine how, when, what and where such measurements can be conducted. Most of our attention is devoted to measuring the effects of advertising because much more time and effort have been expended development evaluation measures in advertising than in the other promotional areas.

It is important to understand that is to measure the effectiveness of advertising and promotion and to assess various strategies before implementing them.

Measuring media effectiveness in bangladesh

This is not to be confused with research discussed earlier in the text to help develop the promotional program, although the two can be used together. While evaluative research may occur at various times throughout the promotional process, it is conducted specifically to assess the effects of various strategies.

Whenever the word online advertising is mentioned, the first thing that anyone thinks of is banner ads. However, banner ads are not the only form of online advertising by any means. This section will explore the different forms of online advertising and their uses.

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It is important to note that although there are numerous ways to advertise online, not all of them will suit the needs of all websites.

Choosing the right method for your site is dependent on your GOPST analysis, as only a few types will help with your Plans and Strategies. Some of the more popular means to advertise online are: However, this method does not guarantee any increases in sales since the potential customersmight just click through and move on.

However, this method does not guarantee any increases in sales since the potential customers might just click through and move on. Increasing your SEO ranking not only increases traffic to your site but acts as a means of advertising your brand. Often advertisers not only pay for the SEO submission fees but also for the services of SEO consultants in the hopes of taking advantage of this powerful tool.

Banner ads usually have a lot of colour, graphics, animation and some statistics as they are used to promote, persuade and remind customers. Banner ads are by far the most popular means of online advertising, although it has been argued that banner ads are not effective in increasing sales.

Opponents of banner advertising often argue that web surfers more often than not ignore banner ads and thus reducing their effectiveness.

Measuring media effectiveness in bangladesh

Sky-Scrapers are similar in many aspects of their functionality to banner ads with the exception that they remain visible even when the visitor scrolls down the page. For this reason Sky-Scrapers are more expensive for the advertiser than banner ads.

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Often for the user to be able to close these messages, they would need to click on them making it an annoyance for the user. Today users often have programs that work to block these messages from appearing, thus making them really useless.

Although the users can simply close when the user moves between pages on a site. Although the users can simply close them and move on, research has shown that they have higher click-through rates than banner ads as the visitor is forcefully exposed to them. On the other hand if done poorly Interstitial Ads can be irritating and drive away a lot of potential customers.

In other instances the potential customers emails are bought from information mining companies and thus the mailing lists and newsletters may be undesirable to the potential customers. In this case, the mailing ists and newsletters are a form of spam and may have a negative effect for the advertisers.

If done properly the mailing list and newsletter methods may be very efficient as it targets a specific demographic that has already showed interest in the company by voluntarily submitting their email address. These coupons may be distributed using a variety of the advertising methods mentioned above.

Reasons why Companies should Measure Advertising Effectiveness: Not only is it important to evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen method, but also the opportunity costs of choosing that method.

Often after companies have chosen a method, they focus their attention exclusively on that method ignoring the potential profits that would have come about if they went with an ulterior method. A good evaluation program will be able to analyze the effectiveness and the opportunity costs of the chosen method.

Increasing the Efficiency of Advertising: Because the marketers know what the intended message of that chosen program is, they expect their customers to know that message as well.• Media in this analysis included consumer magazines, television (network, syndication, cable and/or spot) and online (banners and rich media).

• Television was the dominant element in the advertising mix. Overall, the average budget allocation consisted of 80% in . This study analyzes informal employment in Bangladesh by utilizing the most recent Labor Force Survey that was conducted in Results show that % of the workers in Bangladesh are under informal employment.

This paper is part of a three-country study series on approaches for measuring. Measuring advertising effectiveness is a long-standing challenge for agencies, brands, and media owners. Key to executing effective advertising strategies is an understanding of long term and short term advertising effectiveness.

Maximize the effectiveness of your TV advertising by measuring in-market ad memorability and quality to improve your ROI.


Digital Brand Effect A market-leading enterprise technology platform that allows the entire digital media ecosystem to collaborate around measuring and optimizing brand-relevant metrics in .

The article presents a case study on measuring the effectiveness of video training through technology-based education. Topics include the case study supporting the assumption that videos are effective training tool, it supporting the findings that Gen Yers prefer to learn through visual methods such.

A Comparison among Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

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