Investment awareness and participation

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Investment awareness and participation

Investment means putting your money to work to earn more money or simply speaking it is sacrificing of money today for future return. One of the most successful way to make financial provisions for the future, where most of the conditions are uncertain and unpredictable.

With well planned investment one can get the satisfaction Investment awareness and participation safety and surety in life. We are familiar with investment from very early days of civilization. Initially the term saving was more popular, and was considered as safest way of making money stable.

Investment may be said as keeping a sum of money aside from the present savings with the view of earning returns on it. It is done on the cost of sacrifice of present consumption of that part of money.

Investment awareness and participation

The dictionary meaning of investment is to commit money in order to earn financial return or to make use of the money for future benefits or advantages. People commit money to investments with an expectation to increase their future wealth by investing money to spend in future years.

All investments have some risk, whether in stock, capital market, banking, financial sector, real estate, bullion, gold etc. The degree of risk however varies on the basis of the features of the assets, investments instrument, the mode of investment, time frame or the issuer of the security etc.

Investment benefits both economy and the society. It is an outgrowth of economic development and the maturation of modern capitalism. For the economy as a whole, aggregate investment sanctioned in the current period is a major factor in determining aggregate demand and, hence, the level of employment.

Financial reasons Other Reasons 1. To generate on your idle resources 1. To protect and increase capital.

What is 'Equity Participation'

Ease of Withdrawal 4. To have money for important events. Make a provision for future uncertainties. Investing is not a game but a serious subject that can have a major impact on investor's future wellbeing.

Virtually everyone makes investments. Even if the individual does not select specific assets such as stock, investments are still made through participation in pension plan, and employee saving programme or through purchase of life insurance or a home or by some other mode of investment like investing in Real Estate Property or in Banks or in saving schemes of post offices.

Each of this investment has common characteristics such as potential return and the risk you must bear. The future is uncertain, and you must determine how much risk you are willing to bear since higher return is associated with accepting more risk.

Lopes, The individual should start by specifying investment goals. Once these goals are established, the individual should be aware of the mechanics of investing and the environment in which investment decisions are made.

Page 3 Today the field of investment is even more dynamic than it was only a decade ago. World event rapidly events that alter the values of specific assets the individual has so many assets to choose from, and the amount of information available to the investors is staggering and continually growing.

The key to a successful financial plan is to keep apart a larger amount of savings and invest it intelligently, by using a longer period of time. The turnover rate in investments should exceed the inflation rate and cover taxes as well as allow you to earn an amount that compensates the risks taken.A Community Awareness and Participation Plan (CAPP) has been prepared to ensure widespread, ongoing, and meaningful participation of the key stakeholders with a focus on the opportunity to participate in shaping investment programs and the voice of the poor is heard at C.

Community Awareness and Participation Plan.


9. Awareness. NTU Investment Interactive Club (IIC) is an exclusive academic club meant for the undergraduate population in Nanyang Technological University.

A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON INVESTMENT PATTERN OF INVESTOR TOWARDS BANKING AND SHARE MARKET WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO INDORE REGION (INCOME RANGE 3 TO 10 LACS) Page | 1 1) INTRODUCTION Investment is the employment of funds on assets with the aim of earning income or capital appreciation.

Equity participation is used in many investments for two primary reasons. First, it is used to tie the financial rewards of executives to the fate of the company, increasing the likelihood that. Daepac provides services for Metal Stamping, Multislide Stamping, Multi Forming.

NTU Investment Interactive Club – Towards a Knowledgeable Investing Student Population

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