Importance of total productive maintenance engineering essay

The company specializes in packaging. It has a global network that involves thirty countries, in America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. It has employed over thirty thousand workers in one hundred and sixty factories that it has.

Importance of total productive maintenance engineering essay

The Importance Of Total Productive Maintenance

Hence, the absence of planned maintenance service proves costlier. So it should be provided in the light of cost benefit analysis.

Importance of total productive maintenance engineering essay

Since plant maintenance is a service function, it should be provided at the least possible cost but it is very important as discussed above. Objectives of Maintenance Management: The purpose of maintenance management is to optimize the performance of productive facilities of an organization by ensuring that these facilities function regularly and efficiently.

This can be achieved by preventing the failures or breakdowns if any, as far as possible and by minimizing the production loss due to failures.

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The main objectives of maintenance management are as follows: Functions of Maintenance Management: The important functions of maintenance can be summarized as follows: In terms of plants operations the functions of maintenance are: To accomplish these conditions there must be complete cooperation and mutual understanding between maintenance and production departments.

There must be an effective maintenance policy for planning, controlling and directing all maintenance activities. The plant maintenance department must be well organized, adequately staffed sufficiently experienced and adequate in number to carry out corrective and timely maintenance with the efforts in minimizing breakdowns.The case study of total productive maintenance implementation focused on its implementation, in three different companies.

The paper focused on the study of total productive maintenance focused on the reasons that made the three companies implement the total productive maintenance implementation and how they did it. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a maintenance program which involves a newly defined concept for maintaining plants and equipment.

The goal of the TPM program is to markedly increase production while, at the same time, increasing employee morale and job 4/4(1).

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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is used as established process in which machine operator get trained to perform the simple maintenance and fault-finding. This maintenance process aims to improve the organizational productivity by making processes more reliable and less wasteful.

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) The Big Idea – Getting operators involved in maintaining their own equipment, and emphasizing proactive and preventive maintenance will lay a foundation for improved production (fewer breakdowns, stops, and defects).

This term Industrial Engineering is composed of two words which give the basic concept of Industrial Engineering (I.E.). Industrial means related to industry, which means a process of production or a complete process of converting input resources into useful products or .

Engineering managers must rely on the knowledge, ideas, and contributions of all the maintenance personnel at the property. Unfortunately, the implementation of a preventive maintenance program can be time consuming and costly.

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