How to write an adventure game story

In a typical adventure story, a hero embarks on a journey filled with dangerous obstacles and villains that render his survival uncertain. Planning the crucial elements of an adventure story -- a journey to an exotic location, plot twists, an exciting climax and a resolution that rewards the hero and punishes the bad guy -- will help you create a riveting tale.

How to write an adventure game story

I know the basics of java, and I know how to write a story. There will be story, choices, then more story. Here is a chunk of the story so far The year isand America has just entered the Great War.

It is a cold morning a few miles off of the coast of New York, and you can see the fog rolling across the water. You shiver and embrace yourself, only to fend off some of the cold. As you stare off of the bow the fog begins to clear, and Lady Liberty comes into view.

Your hear races in excitement, and you shake more. You wipe it off on the sleeve of your worn out jacket, the one your father gave to you. You look around to see if anyone noticed, and you see a little girl around seven holding the hand of her mother. She is staring right at you.

What do you do? Give her a look to frighten her. Give her a friendly smile and a wave. Clinging to your fathers hand wherever you go, shy and afraid of the world. He was all you had, you loved him. He raised you from birth, and made you into the man you are today.

He loved your mother, and even though you killed her in child birth he never blamed you.

how to write an adventure game story

Never did he guilt you or look down on you for it, he viewed you as the last living thing of her. Your father loved you, and kept you out of the factories as long as he could, but you two could only go so long without two sources of income.

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The working conditions where all terrible and kids died everyday working in these factories. But you needed the money badly, so you got a job. Where did you work at?These Wacky Web Tales are geared for grades 3 and above.

Check back monthly for new tales! I am currently writing a 'Create Your Own Adventure' game in Java.I know the basics of java, and I know how to write a story.

There will be story, choices, then more story. Write your own adventure game on your Raspberry Pi using Python. How to code your own adventure game in Python which is really handy and means that we only have to write the story once and.

Jan 25,  · If you wanted a new punishing adventure to occupy an hour or so on a chilly January day, you're in luck. Hiroyoshi Oshiba's Trap Adventure . An Epic Series from the pen of Vasilyev winner of the Best Book of the Year!

how to write an adventure game story

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