Emi ct scanner essay

The CAT scan or computed tomography CT scan is one of the tools that have helped save countless lives. The CAT scan is a diagnostic procedure that uses X-rays to look inside your body with the aid of computers. It has been used for the detection of broken bones, cancer, blood clots, signs of heart diseases and internal bleeding.

Emi ct scanner essay

Emi ct scanner essay

Emi and Ct Scanner Business Autor: On the business process level, there are concerns regarding the manufacturing process of the CT scanner. To produce the scanner used in the clinical trials, most of the components had to be purchased from subcontractors before being integrated into a functioning system.

This process is inherently different from what EMI is used to, meaning that in order to produce the scanner especially on a larger scale and more productive manner, there is a need for EMI to develop a separate manufacturing process just for the production of the scanner.

While it may not be as difficult to develop a new process as compared to aligning the strategies of its managers with the overall company strategy, it would still take quite some time for a new process to be implemented.

EMI and the CT Scanner (B) Case Solution

Also, moving to a new manufacturing process will be costly as well due to the capital required to build and maintain a sound infrastructure.

On a similar note, as pointed out by some senior managers, EMI lacks the required knowledge to move into this new industry. This challenge can be viewed from 2 separate perspectives, the first being lack of knowledge in medical products and the second being unfamiliarity with the targeted North American market.

Without any expertise or even sufficient knowledge in the industry, not only will EMI not be able to tap into potential competitive advantages, EMI will also face some difficulties in making informed decisions relating to those areas. While EMI could address this issue without going through too much structural changes or development by entering a joint venture with other companies with the know-how or relevant networks, it is not an entirely risk-free solution as there is always a risk of not seeing eye-to-eye with the partner firm regarding both short and long term strategies.

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Another short term solution would be to outsource or contract external subject matter experts, though this may prove costly in the long run. In summary, it would seem that EMI faces a number of potentially serious organisational problems.EMI and the CT Scanner (A) Case Solution,EMI and the CT Scanner (A) Case Analysis, EMI and the CT Scanner (A) Case Study Solution, Describes the development of the first CT scan on EMI, a company new to the medical industry, as well as joining EMI in the U.S.

market. The early success. Cat Scans essays A CAT Scan or CT Scan is also known as a computed axial tomography. The CT Scan is a technique that allows relatively safe, painless, and rapid diagnosis in previously inaccessible areas of the body. An X-ray tube, rotating around a specific area of the body, delivers an appropriate.

EMI and the CT Scanner (B)

View Test Prep - EMI and the CT Scanner (A) -case study from MIE at North Carolina State University. Harkat Tahar MGT Case study EMI and the CT Scanner (A): The decision: In March EMIs.

Without salary expenses to Godfrey Hounsfield and his team, the development of the CT scanner cost EMI approximately £, The British DHSS’s expenses were £, Hence, the financial contribution of DHSS into the development of the CT scanner was significantly bigger than that of EMI.

This paper, which will discuss certain technical aspects of the CT scanner, was prepared in conjunction with Dr. Ambrose’s paper on the medical and user aspects of the scanner.

EMI and the CT Scanner Case

Firstly, we will consider some major specification parameters which define the performance of the machine. Perhaps. Competitive Strategy: Week 5 Product Life Cycle Simon Board Eco, Competitive Strategy 1 Case Study: EMI and the CT Scanner † CAT Scan invented by EMI in { EMI .

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