Business plan for 1 lakh investment

Tweet There are lots of businesses which you can start with initial investment of about 2 lakhs or less. In this article, I have crafted top 10 profitable business ideas under 2 lakhs investment in India.

Business plan for 1 lakh investment

You too can get a share of this pie.

business plan for 1 lakh investment

You can start a milk supply business in your neighborhood and earn a decent profit. Either you can acquire milk directly from a nearest dairy farm or you can tie up as a dealer with a milk processing company.

You need to choose right kind of milk to supply. Regular pasteurized packet milk can give you the best profit margins. Then you have to find buyers.

They can be local homes and various tea vendors in your area. You will require following things. Milk Coolers — Before acquiring in bulk you can buy one or two coolers.

Tailoring and Laundering Business Tailoring and laundering business requires very low investment amount. For opening a tailoring shop you just need few sewing machines and a staff of 3 to 4 people.

You can also launder and iron cloths.

For laundering you can tie up with a DhobiGhat where clothes can be laundered in bulk for a cheaper rate. Tailoring and laundering business is very easy to get started.

Newspaper Distribution Newspaper Distribution business is a very profitable business because margins are really great.

A newspaper vendor earns profit in two ways. As a newspaper vendor your role will be to collect newspapers from a depot early in the morning by paying cash upfront. If you want more than copies then you have to pay in advance.

You need two things. Delivery Boys — salary for a bunch of delivery boys. Transportation — Bicycle and Motorcycles. Florist Shop Another great business Idea is opening a Florist shop. Here in India, flowers are used not only to present or gift someone on special occasions but also used for religious purposes.

Every home or office needs flowers to adorn their small temple inside. Office Repair Services — Computer, Chair and Other Furniture Office repair services are in great need by various offices located in corporate hubs, business centers and small malls in any given cities.

Computer Repair service requires expertise in hardware and software both. You can get started now. You can also start office chair repair services with a very low investment.

You need basic tools like needle nose pliers, pipe wrench, pry bar, mallet etc. Pest Control Services Growing demand for Pest Controllers from homes and commercial buildings has made Pest control service a very lucrative business.

If you are able to establish a client base then your business can thrive in a short period of time. Here are the following prerequisites. You have to register your business as any other business.In this article, we have selected some profitable businesses which you can start with initial investment of under 5 lakhs INR.

In this list of businesses, some ideas are manufacturing based and some are service based. 10 Profitable Business Ideas With Investment Under 5 Lakhs INR.

1. Jun 12,  · However, finance is one huge deterrent for the majority of the aspirant entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, you need not worry because not every model of business requires startup investment to be in crores. There exist many business models that can be commenced with low investment, i.e.

a seed capital of Rs. 1 Lakh in arteensevilla.comon: Level 5, Caddie Commercial Tower Aerocity, Delhi, , New Delhi. Now there are many other factors which will cost you, like taxes and registrations and several others also so the the above idea requires more than a lakh rupees say lakhs or something but the 'actual' product will be done in 1 lakh rupees.

Therefore, we shall discuss some unique yet constructive business ideas in India which requires Lakh investment but the profit margins are good. E-Rickshaw business (TUK TUK) E-rickshaw business is really a profitable business as many people in the cities and towns opt for this option to travel from one place to another.

The first two ways of investing your Rs 1 lakh could be bank fixed deposits and the tax saver bank fixed deposits. Bank fixed deposits you all know about it.

20 Businesses Ideas That Can Be Started in India With Rs. 1 Lakh

As you all know bank failures in India are very rare. What is the best business to start with the lowest overhead if I don’t have a lot of money and no real skills? Ask New Question Mekala Krishnaveni S, Entrepreneurship is a sign which has to be nurtured in and out to feel complete.

20 Businesses Ideas That Can Be Started in India With Rs. 1 Lakh