Bad parenting and hate crimes

By Raffique Shah January 24, The passing of former President Max Richards, coinciding as it did with the unanimous vote by parliamentarians to elect retired Justice Paula Mae Weekes as the first female and new President of the Republic, seems to have triggered a measure of hope among some citizens that the nation can be rescued from its downhill slide by the eminence of the Head of State.

Bad parenting and hate crimes

Have you heard that or uttered it yourself? As adults we do a similar thing, typically getting frustrated or upset when overtired and we need to get that out of our systems before we can sleep properly. And that is simply not true. Let me start by using my daughter as an example… My daughter is known for keeping herself up whenever possible.

On those days, when we get home, I know she needs to sleep and I know that frustrated cry that comes from her as she fights it. What do I do? And the most amazing thing happens—though frustrated and clearly needing sleep, every 30 seconds or so, she flails back to me for a cuddle and sometimes nurse.

During that time, I hold her, stroke her hair, or offer whatever comfort she allows until she either starts crying again to get more out of her system or comes for the final milk and cuddles to fall asleep. Most of the time CIO comes down to a parent telling a child that they are not there to comfort them in order to teach a schedule or lesson, usually resulting in the child becoming even more distressed.

My 8 minutes of crying with my daughter is a fraction of what most CIO parents go through with theirs because their lack of comfort seems to increase the crying response, especially when a baby is in that over-tired state. How is CIO any different?

Outside of sleep, when our children cry, it tends to be out of pain and we respond in kind. Whether it be cramping also sometimes known as colicshots, or other ailments, when our babies are screaming during the day, we attribute it to a physical malady and do what we can to alleviate the pain, or at worst, simply provide comfort.

It turns out that this comfort is exactly what makes the difference between these bouts of crying and CIO methods used typically at night. In a thorough and enlightening review of the neurological evidence surrounding crying in infancy, Megan Gunnar of the University of Minnesota discusses the research on what happens when infants are distressed for her review, see [1].

Bad parenting and hate crimes

For a bit of background, let me explain the stress response. When infants are distressed for prolonged periods, they release cortisol into their system which has an effect on their neurological development.

Bad parenting and hate crimes

But for those parents with infants who have allergies, reflux, bad reactions to shots, and any other physical ailment that causes pain and therefore crying, there is good news. This is why I said that bouts of crying in pain and CIO are so distinct—when our child is in physical pain, we are much more likely to provide comfort, thus eliminating the stress effect, even when our child continues to cry.

So when you sit with your child who is in pain physical OR psychologicalyou are actually serving as a buffer against a stressful reaction, even if your child continues to cry.

So the release of cortisol to the brain that has been found to accompany prolonged crying refers to infants who are not being comforted at the time the condition in which the research was initially done.

It may be due to the effects of oxytocin[4], which is released during close contact, or some other mechanism, but regardless, we know that the effects of crying can be deleterious or rather benign, depending on how we, as caregivers, respond. All this is to say that not only do us non-CIO parents have children that cry, but because of our responsiveness their crying is going to be distinctly different than those children who are left alone while distressed with no one to offer comfort.

Social regulation of stress in early childhood. Behavior state and plasma cortisol response in the human newborn. Tapping the Hormone of Calm, Love, and Healing A reader writes: I once had a dream that I was running after my boy – he was about two at the time – and he was running away from me down the path of the childhood place I grew up in on summer vacations in the country (not always happy times).

Will Rogers was famously quoted as saying, “I never met a man I didn’t like.” Mr Rogers died well before Donald Trump was even born, so I believe he fully meant his credo at the time. Had he lived a little longer, I wonder if he’d make the same blanket declaration.

I’m not so sure. Continue Reading I Hate This President—and I’m Okay With That. Science has some bad news for you: The behaviors of the elderly that you write off as old-person lameness, and your behavior that the elderly credit to dickish rebellion, are all based in biology. And no, you can't stop it.

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— Sonia Rescalvo Zafra, a year-old transgender woman was killed in the Parc de la Ciutadella, in Barcelona, Spain, by six skinhead neonazis who kicked her and her friend Dori repeatedly in the head, while they were lying on the floor.

Her death was a wake up call for the Spanish LGBT movement, that begun to fight publicly the violence against the LGBT community. Those who commit hate crimes are not mentally ill in the traditional sense--they're not diagnosably schizophrenic or manic depressive, Dunbar is finding.

What they do share, however, is a high level of aggression and antisocial behavior. Parenting - Do you know how to put criminals behind bars and foster corporate transparency? We must stop punishing tattletales.

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