An overview of the septic system

These include some of the toniest Metrowest suburbs from Wayland, Sudbury, Weston, and Hopkinton all the way down the Cape. While the month of April brings the start of the busy spring real estate market, it also brings thawing of the permafrost, snow and lots of rain — conditions which can wreak havoc with older septic systems and their leaching fields. These complex regulations govern the inspection, design, construction and operation of septic systems.

An overview of the septic system

Pump tank regularly Why? Scum and sludge can build up and may be carried into the drainfield. They will clog the drainfield, causing it to fail and require replacement.

Scum and sludge in the tank reduces the amount of room available to hold wastewater. Many experts recommend pumping a tank every years, however, it depends on wastewater quantity and quality.

An overview of the septic system

Another method is to establish your own pumping interval. After having your tank pumped, have a septic professional inspect the scum and sludge layers annually until they build up to a level that requires pumping. Use that time period as your pumping interval, until your waste generation rates change decrease due to someone leaving, or increase due to adding a garbage disposal, more people in the home or children becoming teens.

Have a professional inspect and pump the tank As a knowledgeable consumer, ask that the professional follow An overview of the septic system state required procedures which include: Pump the tank through the manhole.

Never pump through the inspection ports as baffles or tees may be damaged, and it is difficult to completely empty the tank. Pump the tank, and flush back materials under pressure to loosen remaining scum and sludge, then pump again to empty the tank.

Inspect the tank for cracks, and check that baffles or tees are in place. Dispose of the septage materials from the tank, including liquids, scum and sludge in a safe and legal manner, typically at a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Conserve water and spread usage over a period of time. Except immediately after pumping, the tank is always full. For every gallon of wastewater that enters the tank, a gallon of effluent leaves, entering the drain field. In the tank, approximately 24 hours of retention time is needed for the solids to separate.

Heavy water use over a short period of time may not allow settling to occur. Solids may move out of the tank with the effluent.

Rapid water movement in the tank may start a wave motion, scouring the bottom and resuspending sludge, which can then move out of the tank with effluent.

Today, Eljen is a global leader in providing innovative products and solutions for protecting our environment and public health. Gal. pre-plumbed septic tank can be used for septic capacity addition, pump tank, or stand-alone camp septic system (check local codes). Can be maneuvered Price: $ overview of the conventional septic system According to the Cornell Cooperative Extension, the average American household generates gallons of wastewater per person per day from sources including toilets, showers, sinks, .

Spread out laundry use, washing loads per day rather than 6 loads in one day. Use low-flow aerators on shower heads, and low volume flush toilets approximately 1.

Turn off faucets while shaving, brushing teeth, etc. Make sure to use appropriate load and water level setting low, med, high on the washing machine. Solids in the wastewater become scum or sludge. Therefore more solids in the wastewater result in more frequent pumping due to scum and sludge buildup.

Use your garbage disposal sparingly if at all. Heavy use of a garbage disposal generates more solids. Professionals estimate that a tank may need pumping twice as often as one in a household with light or no use of a garbage disposal. Have a professional install an effluent filter on your septic tank.

It filters effluent leaving the tank, capturing suspended solids. The effluent filter is cheaper and easier to clean than a clogged drainfield. It may clog the plumbing, and will increase scum formation. Dispose of cigarette butts, facial tissue, diapers, paper toweling, and feminine products with other solid waste in the trash.

Install a lint filter on the washing machine.

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) | US EPA

Consider that lint comes off your clothes in the washer just as it does in the dryer. Lint may become scum, sludge, or stay suspended in the septic tank and flow out with effluent to the drain field.

Use liquid detergents when possible. Powdered materials have fillers that become sludge. Use toilet tissue that breaks down rapidly. Test your toilet paper by shaking in a covered jar with water. Paper should show signs of breakdown after less than 1-minute of shaking.

Keep Hazardous Materials Out Why?overview of the conventional septic system According to the Cornell Cooperative Extension, the average American household generates gallons of wastewater per person per day from sources including toilets, showers, sinks, . Study Finds Cause of Algal Blooms and the Results Stink.

Water samples gathered and tested in the year-long study by researchers at FAU’s Harbor Branch provide multiple lines of evidence that human wastewater nitrogen from septic systems was a major contributor to the high nitrogen concentrations in the estuary and downstream coastal reefs.

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An overview of the septic system

or find out more. SANITARY The STORBURN toilet reduces untreated human waste to sterile mineral ash and harmless water vapor. Because each incinerator cycle sterilizes the entire storage chamber, destroying all odor causing bacteria, the chamber never requires washing.

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This is possible due to its special construction of an inner layer of FDA approved virgin HDPE, two inside layers of PE for improved stability, plus one outer layer of black and UV-stabilized PE.

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