An overview of the concept of standby servers in the united states

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An overview of the concept of standby servers in the united states

As database systems become more and more critical to business success, the need to ensure 24x7 availability is greater than it has ever been.

What is log shipping?

One common method for providing The use of standby servers is not a new concept; database administrators DBAs have been using them for years. Typically, standby servers require the DBA or operator to manually create backups of the database and logs on the primary system and then restore these backups on a standby server on a regular basis.

If the primary server fails, the down time is isolated to the amount of time required to process the log files since the last backup was restored on the standby server.

Standby server failover is typically not automated. Someone has to decide whether or not it would take less time to bring up the standby server than it would to repair the original failure on the primary system. What is log shipping? Log shipping is a method where transaction logs are automatically backed up from a primary DB2 server and made accessible to a standby server.

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Once the log files are located on the standby server, it can stay relatively synchronized with the primary server. What are the benefits of log shipping and why should you take the time to set this up?

An overview of the concept of standby servers in the united states

Log shipping provides the following benefits: A redundant failover system that does not require expensive software or hardware to implement. The primary and standby servers do not have to be identical, from a hardware or a software perspective see prerequisites section below.

The standby server can be used for other purposes; it does not have to sit idle. For example, a separate independent database could be running on the standby server while the secondary database remains inaccessible while it is processing incoming log files.

A configuration that is relatively low cost and easy to maintain, once it is set up. A very reliable method of providing a redundant copy of the database.

A warm standby, since the database is in roll forward mode, which has the database booted and the data cache already primed. The ability to be configured to permit very little, if any, data loss should a failure occur. A relatively inexpensive to implement and maintain configuration.

Support for both local site and disaster remote scenarios. Log shipping has some limitations. However, it also does not require any additional hardware or software. It comes down to a matter of cost versus availability and complexity.

An overview of the concept of standby servers in the united states

Log shipping is a practical solution for most customers who require redundant systems but who can also accept some data loss during a failover scenario. Log shipping can only be completely automated with the use of additional software.

The DBA or operator must still manually transfer the primary server's functionality to the standby server when a failure occurs; however it is possible to script this failure to minimize the human intervention. The users are interrupted for the amount of time required to replay the log file or files and back out of any incomplete transactions, in addition to the time required to reconnect the users' applications.

The time required to get the standby database online can be controlled by how often the standby server processes the incoming log files, as well as the log file size. Once the database has been switched to the standby server, the client applications have to be changed to point to the new server as well.

Alternatively, you can transfer the host name and IP address. Operational considerations - when to re-initialize the standby database When an index is rebuilt on DB2, a single log record is written to the log to indicate that this action has started.

As the standby database processes this log record, it does not automatically rebuild the index on the standby server.Get software and technology solutions from SAP, the leader in business applications.

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Microsoft Exchange Server introduced a concept called Database Availability Groups (DAG) to provide high availability for Exchange mailbox databases. A DAG is a group of Exchange mailbox servers that host a set of replicated databases to provide .

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May 31,  · The content you requested has already retired. It's available to download on this page. Question. How do I setup SEA failover on DUAL VIO servers (VIOS)?

This applies to VIOS and above. Cause. Misconfiguring the control channel adapters may cause the SEA failover to fail or create a network storm after it is created. International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research.

The Basics of DB2 Log Shipping