Absolutely true diary of a part

The book is about a tale of a hydrocephalic Indian named Arnold Spirit usually called Juniorliving in an impoverished Indian reservation. Due to his medical conditions, he is always the underdog, lowest member of his society. Despite this he keeps his hope, expanding it beyond his hometown and into the wider community. Back at Wellpinit, Junior does not realise the situation of the Indians.

Absolutely true diary of a part

Absolutely true diary of a part

Plot[ edit ] The book follows Junior, a fourteen-year-old boy living with his family on the Spokane Indian Reservation near Wellpinit, Washington for a school year. It is told in episodic diary style, moving from the start of the school year to the beginning of summer.

As a result, Junior has always been picked on by other people on the reservation. Angered and saddened by the fact that the reservation is so poor that it cannot afford new textbooks, Junior violently throws the book, which hits Mr.

When he visits Junior at home, Mr. P convinces Junior to transfer to Reardan High School, sensing a degree of precociousness in the young teenager.

SparkNotes: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The town of Reardan is far wealthier than Wellpinit—Junior is the only Indian at Reardan besides the team mascot. His interactions with the white students give him a better perspective both on white culture and his own. Junior hit him, as he would have been expected to do on the reservation, and he expects Roger to get revenge.

Absolutely true diary of a part

But Roger never does; in fact, Roger and his friends show Junior more respect. Junior also gets closer to Penelope, which makes him more popular with the other girls at the school.

Their first match demonstrates to Junior just how angry the reservation people are at him for transferring: During the game, Rowdy elbows Junior in the head and knocks him unconscious. Later on, his grandmother, who Junior looks up to the most on the reservation, is hit and killed by a drunk driver.

Reardan wins and Junior gets to block Rowdy. Later, Junior receives news of the death of his sister and her husband who were killed in a fire at their trailer. In the course of the year, Junior and his family suffered many tragedies, many related to alcohol abuse.

Furthermore, the protagonist is torn between the need to fit in his new, all-white school and holding on to his Indian heritage, leading him to face criticism from his own community.

Despite these challenges, they also help him see how much his family and his new friends love him, and he learns to see himself as both Indian and American. Meanwhile, Rowdy realizes that Junior is the only nomad on the reservation, which makes him more of a "traditional" Indian than everyone else in town.

In the end, Junior and Rowdy reconcile while playing basketball and resolve to correspond no matter where the future takes them. I have never pretended to be otherwise. They wanted me to stay quiet when the non-Indian teacher asked for answers….

Characters[ edit ] Arnold Spirit Jr. He enjoys playing basketball and drawing cartoons in his free time. Junior and his family, along with the others on the reservation, feel the daily effects of poverty and financial shortcomings—there is often not enough food to eat in their home or enough money to fill the gas tank in the car, forcing him to hitchhike to school or not go at all.

He is incredibly smart; he transfers from the school on the reservation to Reardan, where almost all the students are white.The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is Alexie's first foray into the young adult genre, and it took him only one book to master the form.

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (Novel-Ties Teachers Study Guide) Jan 1, by Sherman Alexie. Out of Print--Limited Availability. 3 out of 5 stars 4.

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"Sherman Alexie tells the story of Junior, a budding cartoonist growing up on the Spokane Indian Reservation. Determined to take his future into his own hands, Junior leaves his troubled school on the 'rez' to attend an all-white farm town high school where the only other Indian is the school mascot.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a novel by Sherman Alexie that was first published in

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